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Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's too late!!!

 You were special, you were droll
 No doubt you played best of your role
 You could be mine, my mate
 But I didn’t realize until it was too late!!!

 You truly loved me, and always caring
 Supportive always without me knowing
 By my side even after being rejected
 Still coming to me smiling and laughing

 When you told you loved me,
 Something that took so much courage to say,
 Something I don't have the dare to say,
 Why didn't I believe you?

 You accepted with everything I have
 Offered me a love that's more then I could stand
 Now you are gone, left me totally blue
 I won’t find any perfect as like you

 I'm sorry for I didn't believe you,
 Now I don't see you by my side
 I miss you,
 I understand how much I needed you.

 I am sorry, the friend I loved,
 Now that I have lost you
 Now that I know I loved you,
 It's all too late.