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Friday, November 18, 2011

Dummies Guide to Display Pictute (DP) on social sites

Display Picture on a Social Site – Never would anyone have imagined a Girls profile pic
can speak so much about her than herself. Reading faces was an art people tried to master
and so is the reading of nature by DP.
IF you are a GUY – then you will agree with me that we spend half the time on FB just
browsing some random girl’s profile. After storming a 100 odd profiles we would have
zeroed down to a few to send a request.
Now the Big Question 
  • On what basis they filter the profiles?
  • What exactly they look into just profile?
And here I was at the outset of my research – visited and created few secret groups…in
short I was spying the whole FB for critical information on what makes a Female profile
vulnerable for FRIEND REQUEST !!!

  •  The profile with a very beautiful and catchy girl’s picture as DP with more than 1200 friends, it’s a fake profile for sure…so just enjoy these pictures and move on to next tab.
  •  The profile with some celebrity as DP with normal range of friends say (150-250), should be a genuine profile where girl is of shy or silent character. Or may not be good looking…better close the tab.
  • The profile with puffed cheek child or Barbie doll as DP, she is in her teenage and still needs time to grow up…better move on to next tab.
  • The profile with genuine child’s picture as DP, she is married and it’s her child. No need to waste your time…switch to another tab.
  • The profile picture as some guy standing/sitting by her side with hands over her shoulder or waist, better close this tab…she is already booked.
  • The profile having more than 2 people as DP (usually count as 3) has two sub-categories
    1. All the persons in DP are girls, she is party loving but might be ugliest one among  all…look for other pictures if she has shared…rest decision is in your hand, if you are ready to take risk…go ahead and send request.
    2. There is one guy and 2 girls or something like this in DP; she is friendly and party loving…browse her profile’s wall and can think about this girl.
  • The profile with DP taken from some side, normally of just her face, she is probably fat and trying to cover this by showing only her face…try to find about her from other information if shared.
  •  The profile with DP from some angle (probably whole body); she is not as good looking as she is looking in that photo and trying to cover using some angle.
  • The profile with DP having some color affects (usually B&W or saturation); she may have some dark circles, pimples or scars on face and trying to cover under those effects.
  • The profile picture taken from a far away having alone girl, definitely a genuine profile, just zoom out and try to figure out more from other given information if sharable.
  • The profile picture having alone girl showing 70% of her body with average range of friends (say 200-350)…definitely a genuine profile but can be categorized as –
    1. The girl is wearing suit…need to look for another factors and choices of her before making decision.
    2. The girl is wearing jeans or 3/4th… there is a chance…try to hit for jackpot.
    3. The girl is wearing minis or short dress…mostly her other information will be locked…just enjoy the only picture...just to fulfill desire, send her but she won’t accept your request.
  • The profile picture with some ugly face, mostly a genuine profile, just close the tab as soon as possible before somebody catches and awards you with “The most THARKI”.
  • The profile picture with a cute face with other information hidden except her sex…definitely a genuine profile…play with your luck but mostly she won’t accept your request or she may be the one for you.

P.S.1 – First noticeable point whether her status is single, in a relationship or something
P.S. 2– These are just random thoughts which might not be applicable on all the girls. So,
please avoid any hard feelings and enjoy the reading. :)


  1. Done know why but the findings are very close to what the subconscious mind has already accustomed to after couple of months in FB. Great work dude.... Will wait for more....

  2. completely enjoyed reading it..!! naice ;)