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Friday, December 16, 2011

It's over!!!

Sometimes I think the mistake was mine
But in real it wasn’t me, it was wine
I know I hurt you sometimes
But it was you back of my mind all the times

I was quite and always polite
Our relationship was so delight
I never ever thought to hurt you
Perhaps couldn’t make realize this to you

Sometimes when we were on call
And had nothing to talk
We stared up at the stars
And tried counting them all

I was really down thinking about past
My mind was always about to blast
You thought I am happy without you
But look here baby, nothing seems true

I thought you are different like a MOET
But you turned out be same, every other poet
The way you end everything
Now I hate having you on my mind

I am not here for you to come
also to go as like you
I have taken control over my life
With a new start
A start by giving up what hurts me most
And dats “YOU”

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